Initiation of our existence in market focusing on cosmetic products for personal care manufactured and distributed by mash pharma

Mash premier directed its efforts towards pharmaceutical field by construction its first pharmaceutical plant starting with around 15 pharmaceutical products.
Commercial business units for center nervous system & over the counter drugs are launched in market .
New commercial Business units (GIT, Antibiotics, dermatology….) that possesses the most recent valuable pharmaceutical products were initiated.

Mash Premiere constructing and licensing a new facility   (Biomed For pharmaceutical industries) to cover antibiotic needs from cephalosporin (tablet, capsule, dry powder).

Mash premier take the leap in the market by launching around42 new generic pharmaceutical products.
Mash premiere extending its arm to cover many therapeutic areas with special focus on chronic diseases. Stem from this fact, we are focusing on specific unique products/ pipelines that cover many therapeutic areas in gastroenterology, hepataology, diabetes, cardiovascular, orthopedics, obesity, pediatric, dermatology and more important is that we are directing our investment to cancer diseases. Mash premier introduced sofolanork and Daklanork in the market for the treatment of Hepatitis C Virus, which helped in curing about 1.5 million patients. Mash premiere has been honored by WHO by its participation in HCV eradication campaigns Mash Premiere is the fastest growing pharmaceutical company in the Egyptian Market According to IMS 2016
Mash premiere started construction of “Mash TECH” plant on a space of 4000 m2 that will have dedicated areas for oncology products (tablets –capsule) & sterile area (Ampoule, lyophilized powder). New Semi solid production Lines (e.g. creams, ointments….) are added for Biomed facility to catchup with our growth in dermatology line New sterile area for cephalosporin products is under construction to be added to biomed facility

Mash premiere according to IMS is ranked as 25 in the second quarter of 2018 out of 844 from national &international pharmaceutical companies this is just the beginning.

We reach now more than 180 registered and marketed products and more than 240 in our pipeline

Mash premiere with its continuous efforts in treatment of patients and screening for undiagnosed patients fighting epidemic diseases such as HCV has been honored by WHO “World Health Organization” for its unique contribution in curing patients